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Style Stories

Expressing the Art and Soul of Your Personal Style

You already have a Style Story. My process can take your style to a new level. I’ve worked with hundreds of models on photo shoots. I’ve also worked with hundreds of people just like you, many of whom already looked great.

My mission is to take you from ordinary to extraordinary, from great to fabulous. My work uncovers, clarifies, expresses and illuminates your true essence. If you are fighting who you are I can show you how to embrace and express your best self.

Designing an authentic look leads to the desire for an authentic life. There is a direct connection between how you present yourself, how you live and work and the people and situations you attract.


Style Stories

The Art + Soul of How You Look

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  5. Beauty

Life Style Stories

The Art + Soul of How You Live

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  2. Empowerment
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  4. Work
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Her message was striking as well: Be who you are. Be authentic. If you're not a blonde, don't be a blonde.

She can look at you instantly and get a sense of you. She can help you then translate that sense of your inner and true self into your clothes, your body and the rest of your life. She truly has a vision for you. If you work with Fredda, your life will be washed clean and you'll be transformed.

–Mary Ann Halahan, Nurse Practitioner

I didn't realize that by the way I dressed and did my hair and makeup I was telling people how to perceive me. And that everything about my physical being created an image ā€” one that did not serve me anymore ā€” of a person that I once was and no longer wanted to be.

–Andrea, Dressel, Merchandising Manager

Fredda helped me to learn to listen to myself. The process goes way beyond the surface. One has to be willing go deep beyond the surface of who we think we are.

Working with Fredda has really changed my life. She started me on a journey that I am still on today. She has helped me really decide where I want to spend my time and how I want to live my life and expend my energy

–The Reverend Lark Hapke, The United Church of Christ

I'd been carrying extra weight no matter how hard I tried to get healthy. After doing a series of consultations with Fredda, Iā€™m taking time to live the life I want to live and shedding the weight of things that kept me from doing that.

–Julie McNally, Financial Planner



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