Visionary Director and Life Stylist

Fredda 5.0

I am a serial entrepreneur working out of my 5th Studio. I’m acutely sensitive visually and known for insane attention to detail.

My experience is unparalleled, bridging the fields of commercial, business and personal style. I have owned photo studios and salons, working as a photo stylist, hair and makeup artist, producer and creative director.

A pioneer in the field of Image Consulting, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, individually and in groups, on stage and in seminar. I’ve toured the US and Canada, working on platform for beauty shows and conventions.

My work in self-actualization through personal branding moved Image Consulting into the field of Personal Identity.

I’ve been involved in photographing the international polo scene. I have danced with H.R.H. Prince Charles and thrown a party for David Bowie.  I’ve gotten high with Mick Jagger and cooked breakfast for Frank Zappa.

I worked on set with dozens of photographers for advertising clients during the ‘Golden Years' of advertising in Chicago with clients such as Playboy, Helene Curtis, Alberto Culver, Montgomery Ward, Marshall Field, Sears and Jockey.

More recently, I worked on set with photographer Sandro for John Malkovich, on dozens of shoots with celebrity photographer, Marc Hauser and on location at some of the most phenomenal sites in modern architecture.

A Fredda + Style branding event at City Winery, Chicago, merged my style philosophy, stage persona and the essence of wine. Sponsored by Laura Mercer Cosmetics, WINE + STYLE: What Lipstick Goes With Wine? featured a panel of beauty and wine experts, movie clips and audience participation.

My background has always enabled me to merge the artistic and the practical. I am the daughter of an artist mother and a lawyer father. But before my father were seven unbroken generations of Orthodox Rabbis, which may be one reason I see my work as a calling.

Based in Chicago and Everywhere.

Lets talk about how I can help. Contact me.

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