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Workshops, Courses, Conferences and Retreats

Achieving the Vision of Your Life


Design a Life of Energy, Authenticity + Power

  • Power Authenticity + Principles
  • Image Essence + Style
  • Energy Body + Emotion
  • Life Environments + Calling + Passions
  • Transformation Change + Transition + Manifestation

Offered as:

  • Half-day (2-4 hours) or full-day workshop (5-8 hours)
  • Weekend workshop
  • Multi-day retreat
  • Multi-session course
  • Designed to your organization’s needs


Speaking Engagements

Inspiring Change and Reinvention

  • Introduction to The Fredda Style
  • Designing a Wardrobe for the Soul
  • Expressing the Art and Soul of Your Business
  • Redefining Your Business Culture
  • It’s Not Personal; It’s Just Business

Offered as:

  • Speaking Engagement
  • Half-day or one-day workshop

Bring my work to your center, conference or event, business or organization. Contact me.

Put me in front of 50 people in a Yoga studio or 5,000 conference attendees. Pick a topic from How to Change a Tire to The Art of The Geisha; The Art of the Deal, and I’m ready to inform, enlighten and entertain.

I speak to audiences hungry for the truth. To those who seek greater and profound meaning in their lives. To women who seek freedom from the restrictions of society or ageism and yearn to uncover their true essence.

To entrepreneurs who have found their calling and want to align their mission with their vision. To employees, to bring them into a higher level of consciousness, align their behavior with the company’s mission, and elevate their customer service delivery. To those with a creative eye and spirit who wish to pursue the artistic life. To industry professionals who want to hone their skills.

I am a source for inspiration and a catalyst for change. My work assists in the actualization of human potential. Participants uncover their authentic essence and design what they truly desire. As the process develops what is left is the expression of a true person.

Everyone has a vision of an authentic life, even if it has not surfaced. I can see beyond the superficial to guide and assist in the transition of manifesting that vision. My seminars harness the power of group dynamics to help participants bring their internal and external selves into balance. They experience the power of embracing who they are and creating an authentic life design. My work is inspired by the spiritual and grounded in concrete, decisive action intended to achieve long-term results.

Let’s talk about how I can help. Contact Me.

Magnetic + Electrifying + Entertaining + Illuminating + Motivational + Life Changing

Based in Chicago and Everywhere.


"We have offered several of her workshop series to our clients, at great success. Fredda is motivating, kind, challenging, innovative and passionate about her work. She is gifted in assisting others to progress in their professional journey and public speaking.

–Kate Leydon, Founder/ President Ruby Room & The Style of Wellness

"We featured Fredda as the Speaker at a ChickChat event. When Fredda walks into a room people take notice. She has an electrifying presence and her "Fabulous" lecture causes you to take stock of your life and consider what you truly desire.

–Tracy KlinKroth Owner, ChickChat & The Power of She

We brought Fredda in to teach a series of workshops and a retreat with our Women's Group. Before the introductory session some members were curious as to how style would translate into spirituality. Afterwards some comments were 'Inspirational,' 'Deeply spiritual,' and 'Powerful.'

–Rev Avena Ward, St Pauls United Church of Christ

Fredda joined us as a Speaker at Conscious Living World's Fair, presenting 'Fabulous at Every Age’ at our International Feminine Empowerment Summit and 'Journey's to Self Discovery' at the conference.

Fredda has soul, love and so much heart. She is creative, focused and will guide you to being the best that you can be, inside and out. I would recommend Fredda to anyone wanting to get more out of life.

–Karen Elby Founder/Director, Conscious Living World's Fair

She offered her Style seminar at 'A Women's Place,' in New Buffalo Michigan, where I was the owner and director. I was so impressed with the seminar that I took it three times. It was a Godsend.

–Marge Graham, Artist/ Educator