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Commercial and Editorial Art Direction

Redefining The Art and Soul of Creative Direction

It’s more then the visual, it’s about the vision. I have a vision that elevates, heightens and goes above and beyond the ordinary, shocking or shifting the viewer’s vision of the persona, product or brand. It’s more then the image; it’s what the image represents.

Whether you are shooting a bottle of beer, a frying pan, an actor, a fashion ad or an editorial layout, the benefit of the shock intensifies, highlights and illuminates, redefining for the viewer what this product or person is or can be.

I’m at my finest directing creative teams. My sets, stages and studios are places of creativity and harmony. My mission is to bring people to their highest level of excellence. The sum is always more then the individual.

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Based in Chicago and Everywhere.

Collaborate + Envision + Design + Develop + Direct + Produce


Working with Fredda is like having a second and third set of eyes. She thinks of things that are in your head and you don’t have to say anything.

Fredda adds so much to the creative process. She takes my ideas to a second, third level and even more. Fredda comes up with ideas that I would never expect and are sometimes beyond mine.

–Marc Hauser, Photographer Marc Hauser Portraits

Insight, creativity, intelligence and style: you get all this and more from Fredda. Her standards and work ethic are beyond expectation. She presents a fascinating blend of cutting edge vision and common sense reality.

–Bill Sosin, Art Director/ Photographer Bill Sosin Fine Art




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